Partnership drives business: Why people have staying power in their communities

by guildsmith

At Guildsmith, we have believed since our inception that our ability to deliver quality to clients and positively impact our communities would not hinge on a single innovative idea, but instead depend entirely on the resources of our network, particularly its people. I learned early on during my career in military special operations that people are our most precious resource. Still, it was never clearer to me than it is now that prosperity isn’t just about people, it’s about the dynamic and agile qualities of people that propel families, organizations, and communities to be successful. 

I’ve since chalked my naiveté up to the fact that I was surrounded by some of the most elite men and women in the early stages of my adulthood. Just to illustrate how ambitious yet reactive we were at the time of Guildsmith’s formation, Greg (brother and co-founder) and I thought we could realistically act as “Chief Everything Officers.” We believed our energy and determination would enable us to see every task, project, and vision through. Those of you with similarly lofty ambitions can probably relate.

In the past two years, we’ve learned the critical nature and value in forming allegiances with doers, makers, problem-solvers, self-starters, and the like, and how the inherent skills these people possess enable organizations to adapt to rapidly changing environments i.e. start-up culture, much like I had previously been a part of in the military. As a result, Guildsmith and the people we connect with are accomplishing our collective goals with greater frequency, and have access to more resources than ever before.

Greg and I have been committed to the idea of building “wealth” within our community and we began our efforts by recruiting resources, primarily talent, in our first and second degree networks. Although we have never been alone in our vision, we found others to be more risk averse, and our original team struggled to satisfy personnel requirements with remarkable doers. As entrepreneurs, our lives become a balance of uncertainty and urgency, and our resources are always stretched thin. Each of us hopes our resources are being utilized in an optimal manner, and look at every trial we face as an opportunity to refine our business model and strategic objectives. We have learned a tremendous amount about our personal capacities, and have also learned about the motivations of others and what it takes to energize the resources within our team and external networks.

Creating a team comprised of persons from within our network has allowed us to form an immediate sense of trust. Our relationships enable us to create transparent and empathic dialogue with colleagues who share the same passion towards positive change and exemplary execution. Each project we take on requires a certain level of specialization and depth of experience, which forces the company to evolve along with the natural evolution of concepts and customer requirements. It is the agility of not one individual, but our company as a whole, that makes what we love to do sustainable for our clients and ourselves. Our collective desire to attain excellence in all that we do creates extensive value throughout our network and positively affects the quality of each contributor’s life. Our people-centric methodology has been the catalyst for all of our successes, whether creating innovative ideas, designing product or service strategies, or delivering unique solutions to our clients through our organic infrastructure.

As our world becomes more impersonal and businesses detach themselves from the concerns of their people, Guildsmith advocates empowerment through investments in our “neighbors.” Our internal motto, “30% Think Tank, 70% Do Tank,” embodies the understanding that for as much value as can be placed on ideas, Guildsmith’s real value must always be in our ability to execute with vision, and our vision begins with people.